I look for the light in everything that's around me: The rays of sun, the goodness in people, the inspiration of a moment. I couldn't fathom a better way to enjoy my time on this earth. Thank you for watching.



Before the lock down I worked with Emma Mclagan from Air Canada and Director Jessica Edwards to capture the sendoff of a completely female operated flight. Everyone from the ground crew, the tower crew, flight crew and receiving crew in Edmonton. It was quite an experience to be a part of and I'm quite proud how it came together in such a quick time-frame.

Clos De BOIS Chardonnay

This table top shoot was a lot of fun. Set entirely in studio, we made quick work of a beautiful product. This was also a job where I co-directed with the agency CD. As much as I really enjoy the collaborative experience of working with great Directors, it's a treat to take on these kinds of projects. I always love doing table top work in contrast to a lot of my other work, it keeps the ideas fresh and fun.

BOUNCEKIT.com - relentless

A while back I filmed a piece with an amazing, explosive elite dunker, Jordan Kilganon. We shot so much of Jordan doing his thing, I cut together a promo for his company.